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Every business undergoes a transformation while facing unique challenges. Successful business growth depends on your insight to navigate change and expertly deal with challenges. You need to adopt a differentiated and proactive approach, which is pertinent to your business challenges.

Providing Professional Business
Consultancy Native to Qatar

Beacon Consultancy with years of professional experience in the field of business consultancy has full understanding of diverse business challenges. We are a leading business consultancy firm in Qatar, conceptualized and established in 2016. We have a firm belief that business is a backbone of any country for its growth, sustenance and improving the standard of living. Our country is filled with entrepreneurial passion and talent which needs guidance in the right direction through

local industry knowledge and experience. This is the reason why Beacon consultancy has entered the business industry to provide effective guidance to start-ups and entrepreneurs to go smoothly through the difficult journey of start up to successful operation of the business. We assist you from conception of the business idea to the final delivery to help your business stand out and make a difference in the industry.

Profound Knowledge and Extensive Experience

This works by analyzing the different operations of your business to With profound knowledge and solid background in the Qatari business sector, we aim to support our valued clients with precise, accurate and timely recommendations. We offer tailor-made reports and valid suggestions that are relevant to your specific business whether you run a start-up or an established enterprise. Our professional and extensively experienced business consultants help you to achieve your short as well as long-term business goals through robust and effective strategies.

Successfully Providing Value
to Our Clients

In a short span of 2 years, Beacon Business Consultancy has successfully provided consultancy services to various businesses with worth QAR 180,000,000. This is clear evidence of our success in the field. Our company has emerged as a leading player in the sector of Business Consultancy in Qatar State.

Message from the Managing Partner

“When I established my initial businesses, I faced many challenges but when I looked around to get help from the available information, I found that it meant for the totally different markets, which made it useless for me to implement, thus making my ventures more challenging to execute. This led me to the creation of Beacon which is meant to light the way for other businesses.

To achieve this Beacon Business Consultancy firm had to be built strong enough with a lot of local experience and knowledge. This need brought us together as partners to cover various aspects of the local business market in Qatar. We created a company to make the lives of younger entrepreneurs easier by teaching and helping them to avoid mistakes that we face during the business development and management process with the hope that they, in turn, will serve the next generations of entrepreneurs in a similar way and this light of beacon will keep guiding generations of future entrepreneurs.”

Our Mission

Catalyst for change, spark for start At Beacon Consultants, we have a mission to provide our clients with inclusive, efficient and accurate consultancy services that help them to achieve their goals. We do this by blending local industries knowledge with expertise in the international field.

Our Vision and Values

To be the first choice of every entrepreneur when it comes to Business Consultancy.

We have a vision that all Qatari businesses can meet an international standard by leveraging their potential and making smart decisions.

  • Emphasizing integrity, fairness, respect, and trust when dealing with clients

  • Prioritizing customer care and satisfaction by putting our clients first

  • A commitment to consistent improvement and quality

  • To deliver exceptional business advice and services through a distinct structure

  • Empowerment through collaboration, communication, and sharing

  • To retain status as a growth-oriented, innovative and dynamic firm

  • To become leaders in the field and teammates in the business

  • Maintain a global perspective, but a local approach

  • Embracing change and being passionate through an initiative

Striving to provide a rewarding, mentally stimulating and challenging environment

Meet the Team

To understand how we do what we do, you’ll have to know about the people on our team. The people that make up our consultancy firm are some of the most experienced professionals in the field with knowledge about local businesses and how they can flourish.

Dr. Rajesh Krishna Nair

Senior Consultant

An important member of the team, Dr. Rajesh has many years of experience under his belt from partnering with organizations to make business plans, and conduct research, studies, and surveys. By writing informative columns, issuing reports, building financial systems and providing these services to new startup businesses, he has earned himself a great reputation. With a background in economics and finance and a Ph.D., Dr. Rajesh is a certified research professional.

Usman Abid – ACCA

Business Consultant

Usman is our company’s brightest consultant; with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting and an ACCA, he’s qualified for tasks like preparing business plans, conducting feasibility studies, and business consultation. Moreover, he has an interest in growing our portfolio of clientele. An overachiever with his record, he maintains the company’s high standards of professional and personal development. He is also committed to accomplishing everything with high levels of confidence in his abilities.

Muhammad Asad Farooq

Senior Consultant

Muhammad Asad Farooq is the senior accountant here at Beacon and has two master’s degrees, along with an ACCA from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He holds a wealth of experience from within the industry and holds an impressive record of effectively providing accounting services that improve a company’s profitability and revenue channels.

Sufyan Alobaidi

Senior Marketing Consultant

Sufyan Alobaidi holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy and has 15 years’ worth of sales and marketing experience in the GCC under his belt. Using the art of selling, he crafts infallible marketing strategies and enhances our company’s growth, playing a key role in the organizational process. With a firm belief that nothing is impossible, Sufyan aims for his goals and strives to provide excellent output each time.

Shehoney Arandia

Executive Secretary

As the company’s executive secretary, Shehoney Arandia provides assistance and services to the rest of our core team. She has an associate degree and exceptional experience in GCC, which explains her expertise in contributing suggestions, ideas, gathering data, and managing schedules. She believes in the importance of different perspectives for making improvements, which makes her contribution such a valuable asset to our company..

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