Business Startups

We provide these services to clients who deal directly with consumers, whether they’re established businesses or following a new venture. Here are some of the services we offer.

Business Plan

For starters, we formulate a written document that details how our client’s potential new business will turn out and achieve its goals. A thorough business plan will lay out all information as to the brand’s operations, financial standing, and marketing strategy. In most cases, we already have devised a business plan for a client who is aiming to achieve a similar goal and use it to formulate a new business plan.

Business Ideas

As industry leaders, we’re constantly learning about consumer trends and business plans, which keeps us up to speed on all the most profitable ideas that new startups can benefit from. We curate readymade business ideas after thoroughly understanding the industry and consumer requirements so that our clients understand the full scope of the venture. Clients can look from detailed business idea portfolios and choose the concept that suits their business philosophy best.

Feasibility Studies

Not all business plans are built to succeed, which is why we need scientific reasoning to know that it can before the client invests large parts of their financial resources into setting it up. A feasibility study is a document that’s tailored to the client’s needs, so it can assess whether their goals are practical enough to carry out. The document helps clients identify threats and opportunities that they will come across while operating their business, and it determines whether they should move forward with the business plan.

Existing Business

Business Plan

This works by analyzing the different operations of your business to understand what problems may cause hindrances in specific areas. After performing a diagnosis, our experts give recommendations that help in improving functional performance, so you can achieve business goals. The process includes:

  • A complete analysis of official operations

  • Assessment of all procedures

  • Evaluation of budget and the discrepancies between actual targets and budgeted ones

  • Give a score to the services you provide

  • We also evaluate your competitors to understand your position in the market

  • Provide high-quality solutions

M & C Survey

Market Surveys

We perform a survey to determine what value your company provides to the market. As a business owner, you’ll get the opportunity to understand its different weaknesses and strengths. In the survey, we estimate the market’s potential and size and identify whether there is high demand or chances of opportunity.

Customer Surveys

This survey aims to understand the views of an average customer, to learn their dissatisfaction with the product or service in different categories. Using the results from such surveys, we understand your business’ weaknesses and strengths based on customer satisfaction and perspectives.

Accounting Services

For accounting functions, we analyze, report, and record a certain individual or business’ financial transactions. The fee we charge for accounting services is not subject to tax, such as:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Financial statement services

  • Payroll services

  • A/R and A/P

  • We provide and set up Key Performance Indicators

  • Suggest software

  • Train employees

  • Set up procedures and policies

Mystery Shopper Sometimes, our clients want to assess their business’ level of quality when it comes to customer service, staff helpfulness, and employee diligence. In these cases, we provide your business with a person from our end to visit a location and evaluate the standard of products and employee service.

For Investors

Venture capitalists and investors are always on the lookout for good opportunities to invest in a business with amazing potential. Here at Beacon Consultants, we offer investors some of the following services


We organize certain events and invite a select list of individuals who have an extraordinary sense of business and can think of genuine and feasible ideas. In these planned events, they present their range of ideas to investors. To clarify, we arrange these events for investors who are enthusiastic about channeling resourced into a startup business, and business personalities who require an investor for their startup. In essence, this is a platform allows both parties to interact and present their perspectives.

Due Diligence

This service comprises a thorough appraisal of a business and is usually undertaken by a potential buyer. They do so to establish the business’ liabilities, assets while evaluating its potential and profitability.

Brokerage Services

For those of our clients who are considering buying a current business, we can assist you in assessing if the business is worth buying. By contracting our brokerage services, you receive guidance in navigating through complex processes. We’ll also help you understand the entire journey; from finding a suitable company to leveraging ownership.

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